Next Gen XR SDK for iOS
3D + Interactive AR & VR

Why Use Emcore3D SDK ?

Featured-Packed 3D Engine

 We built Emcore as the DEFINITIVE 3D ENGINE for iOS developers, delivering uncompromising efficiency and performance for your iOS 3D/AR/VR projects. At it's core is a native, highly optimised and lightweight 3D engine that is easily integrated into any existing #iOS project - simply drag and drop. Benefit from multiple shaders per scene, optimised session and memory management, plus OBJ & FBX support. With unrivalled performance and functionality we take away the heavy lifting so you can concentrate on the project.

Next Generation Interactive AR

 Ready for the next step? Push your models into AR with 5 lines of code. Emcore3D represents a step change in AR - we call it INTERACTIVE AR. You can now add proximity and event triggers allowing your customers to intuitively interact with their environment - simply assign any surface to act as a trigger to activate an action. Make use of these innovative features to bring your environments to life - delivering magical new experiences.

VR MODE with 6 Degress of Freedom (6DoF)

 Fully immerse yourself in your 3D world in VR Mode. With Emcore3D there is no need for expensive solutions like Vive or Oculus. Emcore3D supports 6 DEGREES OF FREEDOM - meaning you can LOOK AND WALK IN ANY DIRECTION. Simply slot your iPhone into any cheap $20 VR headset to step inside your 3D world. Walk around the environment with full immerson and get close to objects with integrated spatial audio support. Perfect to showcase products, exhibits, museums, models, engineering, architecture, art and more. Emcore3D renders a VR stereoscopic world with customizable barrel effect and interpupillary distance.

Precision AR & VR Tracking

 Enjoy precise ROCK-SOLID TRACKING - even if you the user looks away and looks back again. If the camera moves around, the objects are firmly anchored to the real world and remain locked in position to maintain a great user experience of object tangibility.

Dynamic Media Streaming

 Treat any number of flat or curved surfaces on any 3D model as a live stream MEDIA CHANNEL. Now you can make your 3D environments come alive with dynamic image, video and audio content - all served from your own CDN. You can even add scripted user interactivity. Save time on app updates by changing server logic to push dynamic content to your 3D environments without any extra coding.

Spatial Audio Support

 Enforce the reality of your display for your viewer with 360 DEGREE DIRECTIONAL AUDIO with distance controlled volume. As users walk around - and past - your 3D objects in AR and VR you can reinforce their presence with directional audio.

Full Frame Image Capture

 With the TOUCH OF A BUTTON your users can capture any screen frame and send it to their camera roll or social network - perfect for capturing achievements, special scenes and sending it to their friends, propagating your app.

Other AR frameworks and platforms

If you are looking for a native iOS 3D engine with optional AR and VR support look no further than Emcore3D. Although offering good benefits to beginners, or those with no programming knowledge, OTHER AR FRAMEWORKS may lock you into their PROPRIETARY platforms (where you are forced to upload and CONVERT 3D models via their web portals), could be prohibitively EXPENSIVE (some charging per month for SDK access, or per 'view', or even per app), could often be SLOWER (due to interpreted Javascript SDK's). Further - some platforms are reliant upon EXTERNAL 3D engines (like Unity) to render scenes - this will BALLOON out your final app size by 100's of MBs. Emcore3D provides the fastest, smallest, most efficient and truly open native SDK, so you are not tied to any expensive AR ecosystem - simply drag and drop the Emcore3D SDK into any existing iOS project. No subscriptions, no ongoing fees, no barriers - Emcore3D offers a free development license, with simple one-off commercial options. Download the SDK today.