Next Gen XR SDK for iOS
3D + Interactive AR & VR

Next Generation SDK

Drag and drop our super fast native 3D engine into any iOS project.
Need more? Put 3D models into fully interactive AR and 6DoF VR with
5 lines of code including event & proximity triggers. Why Emcore3D ?


Emcore3D Features

Grab a license, download the SDK, get running with 5 lines of code.

Flexible 3D Engine

Multiple shaders per scene, optimised session and memory management, OBJ & FBX support + MD2 compatibilty soon.

Truly Interactive AR

Quickly overlay multi-texture 3D AR models onto physical environments. Control placement, scale, shadows, proximity triggers and more.

Dynamic Audio-Visuals

Push video and image content to any 3D surface on any model - all served from your own CDN. You can even add scripted user interactivity.

ARKit Foundation

Emcore3D builds on iOS ARKit for easy 3D/AR access to motion tracking, plane finding, light estimation, scaling and much more.

VR with 6DoF

Using any VR headset you can look and walk in any direction. Be fully immersed in a stereoscopic world with a customizable barrel effect & interpupillary distance.

Spatial Audio

Attach 360 degree directional sound effects to any 3D object for deeper user immersion, making your environments even more realistic.

Accelerated Graphics

Switch between OpenGL or Metal (beta) so you can enjoy low-level hardware-accelerated 3D graphics which are up to 10-20x faster.

Simple Integration

Like SpaceX & NASA, Emcore3D is your perfect partner. We'll integrate with your code within minutes so you get off the ground, fast.

License Options

Pick the plan that works for you and your team

Free License


  • Development only.
  • Any app/game.
  • Watermark.
  • Company License.
  • Free to use.
  • Free Updates.
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App License


  • Commercial Use.
  • Single app/game.
  • No watermark.
  • License per app/game.
  • One-off fee.
  • Free Updates.
  • Priority Support.
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Unlimited License


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